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Positive Psychology and Resilience Coach

David brings 25 years experience as international management consultant and leader to help you overcome issues to make you more successful. David leads teams and develops individuals. As a project leader he has given individuals impossible tasks and made sure they achieved them.
Believing in oneself is crucial to personal success, Resilience coaching explores ways of being and doing that bolster your ability to bounce back in radiantly positive ways
– The ways of being that support a resilient lifestyle.
– The way we respond when events happen.
Resilience helps you to move past enormous obstacles and to move toward fully living your dreams.

Qualifications and Experience
SFEDI Business advisor and mentor
Qualified Life Coach &NLP practitioner
Business Mentor - Bathnes and South Somerset Councils & Business Mentor for Princes Trust
Judge for University of West of England (UWE) BizIdea Entrepreneur Prize
Personal Development coach - Forever Living
National distributor of Freemind motivational recordings
South West Regional Chair of Institute of Business Consulting

Contact details
07788 425688
Facebook: Riggours coaching and consulting



Professional Qualifications for Business Consultants and Advisers

Industry recognised best practice professional standards;
Independently awarded qualifications by Chartered Management Institute;
Preferred qualifications required to work across government bodies;
Industry focused continuous professional development;
Develop and increase existing skills, tools and techniques;
Provide maximum benefit for clients through access to network of experts; and,
Enhance your employability and marketability with clients and employers
Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials (CMCO is available either from Course Workshops or on Distance Learning Programmes - Just click on 'Services then Training on our menu bar to find a location and date to suit you.

The CMCO provides an introduction to management consultancy. As an aspiring management consultant, it will help you learn about:

* the consultancy role;
* the consultancy cycle;
* the client relationship;
* communication for consultants;
* effective project delivery; and,
* structured, knowledge, research and analysis

Recent testimonials:

"David has been guiding me through a career change from my previous role as a Board Director in the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency into management consultancy; in particular, helping me navigate my way through the Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials, an Institute of Business Consulting (IBC) qualification. His vast experience as a management consultant and coach has been evident throughout, ensuring that I have gone through the programme as painlessly as possible. I was able to be rapidly brought up to a competent level, reinforcing my previous knowledge and expanding my horizons where necessary. David communicates easily and well, establishing excellent rapport very quickly to ensure maximum value from contact sessions. He has also introduced me to a new network by inviting me to IBC events. I can recommend David's company, Riggours, very highly for individuals requiring career coaching, mentoring, or to assist anyone considering a move into consultancy. I would be very happy to furnish further information if required by potential clients." Tony Downes director plain-talk ex HR director VOSA July09

"David Rigby is supporting me through completion of my Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials, an Institute of Business Consulting (IBC) qualification His professional insight and vast breadth of experience in this field has added much value to this exercise. I have also benefitted from David’s coaching support which has challenged me to reflect and re-asses my priorities in aiming to achieve my business potential. As an individual David has the unique ability to easily develop a rapport with individuals he has just met. I have had such a positive experience that I would not hesitate to recommend David Rigby and his company Riggours to those pursuing the CMC qualification, coaching and mentoring and business development skills. David and I are still working together" Naseema Khan NK Consulting NHS Programme Director.

“As a professional SME business advisor I needed help in broadening my skill-set to include aspects of coaching and mentoring. David Rigby helped me to really understand their differences and how to apply the techniques to enable my clients to successfully commit themselves to the changes they needed to undertake to become more successful or indeed to survive in business.” David Munn catering and hospitality business advisor and coach – country inn manager.
“David has been my business coach for two years, during this time he has helped me quadruple my income and turn fully professional. David uses formal life coaching techniques to ensure we have actions and goals from our meetings so it is easy to follow up. However he ensures that the our coaching sessions are informal and encourages me to find and implement my own solutions. I know I can always ask David for help, and he uses his network to find answers to questions he cannot personally answer” Robbie Verrecchia – Bath School of Samba

Do you need to change yourself or your business and don't know how?

For Individuals and Small Businesses:
- Do you need SFEDI qualified business mentors and advisors to guide you through change?
- Do you need NLP qualified life coaches to help you get though your barriers?
- Do you need to reduce costs or improve efficiency?
- Do you need additional short term staffing?

For larger businesses and public organisations:
- Do you need to run change programmes ?
- Is your collection of projects a programme?
- Do you need help with Business Process outsourcing - or running parts of you business offshore?
- Do you need to reduce costs or improve efficiency?
- Are you subject to Process Transformation and don't understand it?
- Does your staffing or organisation effectively satisfy business needs?
- Does IT suggest complex improvements forgetting the user perspective?
- Is e-government, Data Protection Act, or risk directives forcing you to change your existing practices?
- Do you need PRINCE2, MSP or ITIL qualified consultants?
- Do you need NLP qualified Life Coaching?

Then Riggours can help you!

 What the coaching clients said:

David’s has helped SME MD’s, senior executives, self-employed, individuals setting up businesses, coaches and consultants, the clergy, the prison service, network marketers and senior managers manage teams. In additional to coaching individual clients he is a business mentor for South Somerset Council, BRAVE and Princes Trust. David’s clients say:

"I have known and worked for and with David for several years. Currently he is mentoring me and helping me develop my business through a series of one to one life coaching sessions. These I am finding extremely useful at this stage in my life and career. David has a knack of getting straight to the issues and offers useful and practical solutions. I would highly recommend him as a Life Coach" Andrew Herbert, Goodrich Management

“Just to let you know that one year after the life coaching sessions I have managed successfully to change the culture in the prison I work in. Our Prison got 90% when the National audit team visited in May. Last year it was 67% before I started. I think the most important thing in bringing about change was how to make staff valued and appreciated” name on request.

“Coaching helped me in various ways. It helped me as a coach/mentor myself, as I noticed the skills that David has and I have applied them to my own role. From a personal point of view, coaching helped me to focus on myself for once (I tend to work hard at helping others) and gave me an opportunity to reflect, and talk through issues which I have kept to myself. David was an interested listener. There was a high element of empathy. David and I set realistic targets, and being accountable for these helped me to achieve them. It also helped improve my self-image.” Dr Patricia Evans

“The first thing that David did that was excellent was zero in on establishing an agenda that was limited enough to work on in the context of the sessions, but would move me forward. Since everything in my life right now hinges on generating sales, he focused on one area where an emotional block appeared to be holding me back. He did this through a questioning process that was patient but fairly direct and wasted no time in getting to the heart of the matter. We then built a plan of action appropriate to the time we were working with.” Jonathan Mueller



Mar 2010
Riggours coaching with Swindon Coaching Team,(QV) at Old Bank, Old Town Swindon Mar23

Feb 2010
Riggours presents on Resilience Coaching EQ and NLP for IBC London
Riggours chairs IBC extraordinary chairs meeting
New Riggours Blog and Facebook

Jan 2010
Riggours places candidate in lean manufactiuring in Turkey
Riggours is key partner for

Dec 2010
Riggours plays key part in launcing Verridian's Freemind motivational recordings
Riggours organises coaching event with The Bath Consultancy and Wilsher Group

Nov 2010
John Betty, strategy director of Bathnes council presents at Riggours organised IBC dinner at Casanis in Bath

August 2009
Riggours discussing providing Consultancy Skillls training for TeaBag Talent.

Riggours searching for business mentors for SWERDA contact - please contact if interested

Riggours developing marketing materials with Verridian for Freemind motivation recordings

Running further Consuting Essentials courses in Bath and Warrington from September - ask for dates.

June 2009
Riggours runs Certificate of Consulting Essentials training as 1-1 business sessions - see testimonials

May 2009
Riggours advising Coolboard "The ultimate balance board"
David Rigby, MD presents to IOD May 19th "business mentoring - overcoming personal barriers to improve business performance"

Riggours signs with VOSA to deliver training and executive coaching

April 2009
Riggours in disucssion with Barcelona based GSI Commerce Solutions International S.L. to supply consultants

March 2009
Riggours invited to BNI to present on Business Mentoring

Riggours introduces Verridian Consulting to the Institute of Business Consulting

Riggours is selected by InDepth Consulting to deliver Insititute of Business Consulting's Certificate of Management Consutling Essentilals Course
Bath March 17and May 11 2009 (3 days)
Warrington April 1 and June 1 (3 days)

February 2009
Riggours is selected to provide business mentoring to small business clients of Somerset District Counciil: typical client:: Bruton Museum

January 2009
David Rigby,MD of Riggours , in discussion with Hambledon (Investment in People specialists) , to mentor their SME clients.

Managing Projects and Programmes - What's the difference? Bath September 22 2009

Getting started with business transformation
Bath September 23 2009

Change Management and Process Improvement PractitionersTraining BathSeptember 24-25 2009

Business Opportunities in Network Marketing
Bath Monday April 20th 2009 (Free)

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Pubic Sector Forums: Business Transformation
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