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Interim Change Manager:

Managed process improvement for a car loans company yielding savings of 20% and substantial reduction in processing time. The change programme primarily focused on the Call Centre and its relationship with the 800 dealers and David was instrumental in developing key Call Centre staff to deliver the change so that the organisation accepted and benefited from the new practices. His role included defining improved operational processes and creating a major communications programme, including board level presentations. The whole approach was so successful that Riggours was, subsequently, commissioned to establish a permanent change management team – part of which involved him facilitating workshops with user staff to develop the whole concept of fully costed and benchmarked (against industry role models) ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ operational models
In addition managed the implementation of bespoke software which initially required brokering between three departments to decide who would undertake the tasks prior to developing job descriptions and assigning roles.
• Developed and managed a process based change management programme
• Management of stakeholders (internal and external)
• Assessed impact of change within the department and within the organisation
• Developed detailed plans including definition of roles, motivation and communications, matching roles/individuals to process and systems
• Benefits management and success measurement
• Quick Wins Identification and Implementation (£1m savings)
• Change department fully staffed, methods defined and trained
• Implemented change to 800 Dealer's processes
• Loan applications turned around within legal timescales to higher quality and lower cost
• Developing, by workshop, fully costed and timed as is and to be process models.
• Defining the workflow across the processes and the scripting within them
• Agreeing success criteria, defining measurable management processes and software to support them
• In house shop floor staff owned and delivered improvements
• Identifying and implementing process changes saving 20% annually
• Managing stakeholders and empathising with their problems ,understanding their levels of authority
• Managing workshops of up to 60 users to develop strategic cost benefit models
• Developing Call Centre staff to run change projects and present to the board
• Developing teams of change professionals
• Developing and implementation of methods to: build a business transformation strategy; to undertake business transformation; develop business models which were understandable by the business, define on-line procedures all within the context of proper project management techniques including monitoring and control processes, risk and issue management, stakeholder and benefits management.




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