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Interim Insurance Offshoring-Outsourcing Project Manager:

Rescued a floundering programme involving the setting up of a Call Centre in India for the insurance interests of a major UK bank. Brought in at the “eleventh hour”, reviewed, replanned and project managed the go-live phase which included IT, property, the recruitment of 150 offshore staff, HR, liaising with Group and other bank services, visiting and developing relationships with the outsourcing company, enabling training of Indian staff in the UK and cultural, voice & accent coaching in India. The final result was highly successful.
• The project went live on time.
• Responsible for the implementation of a Call Centre in India for Insurance within the context of the Banks’ offshoring programme.
• To bring the programme back into control and within visibility of the programme office and senior management.
• Developed relationships between insurance arm, banking arm, international arm, Group HQ and Offshore company to gain approval for changes to plans to take place
• Assessment of current programme to identify weaknesses.
• Resolution of weaknesses and rescheduling of deliverables within existing timeframes (both resource and capital)
• Strengthening relationship and trust with Indian Call Centre company.
• Delivery of programme to time and budget, requiring very fast operational decisions in a complex international environment, with complex causes and historic context.
• Delivered to existing go-live date after seven weeks within an eighteen month programme. Ensuring all stakeholders understood the need for change and bought into the new approaches
• Liaison with and supporting programme office to standardise pragmatic reporting processes against an international environment.




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