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Partnership Development:

Initiator of and development of partnership between leading branding consultancy and IT consultancy to develop Brand Driven Customer Relationship Management.
• Developed relationship based upon personal contact
• Researched into commonality and diversity of organisations to determine presentation style and individual organisation benefits
• Seen as a way to embed branding into many staff and allow organisations to present a differentiated view to the public
• Liaised with the very diverse organisations to produce a coherent product
• Presented concepts to senior management
• Delivered pubic presentations to gauge impact
Organisational Change
David initiated a business readiness awareness programme and communication strategy to prepare a major UK clearing bank for change to its HR practice. This included defining the measures by which readiness would be measured and influencing the reward structure to encourage adherence to new practices.
• With an employee David developed a specific methodology based upon best practice.
• Development of detailed questionnaire to assess readiness; identification of target audience
• Promotion of questionnaire within organisation prior to successful distribution
• Gathering of results, assessment thereof and reporting to management
Business Process Transformation for Mergers
Part of a team designing the newly formed Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) processes, analysing 50 waste management processes in 5 district councils using visioning to determine best practice.
Organisational Strategy
Developed a blueprint for the re-engineering of the international tax department of one of the big five accountancies. Led the visioning work and the design of the new business process models; he also articulated the changes required to the department’s structure, location and staffing and to its IT systems.
Process and Organisation Review
Directed a programme, for a provider of trading software, to improve customer service, redesign the methods of working and organisational structure, review middleware and develop pre-sales material.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Developed an IT integration strategy for the merger of three UK Cable/Telephony companies, covering systems, roles and organisation. Riggours also facilitated integrated desktop planning for four independent pre-merged companies.
Business Modelling, Requirements Definition and Process Improvement
Defined fund management business processes for several banks and detailed traded-option models for the UK stock exchange. The scope also covered general insurance, derivatives, brokerage, custody, international equities and settlement with other clients.
Customer Management and Billing
Project managed and contributed to the innovative process improvement of billing systems in various countries including the UK, USA, Italy and Hong Kong.
Facilitation and Workshops
Helped a Children’s Trust prepare for a key workshop to clarify its role within the Partnership.
Regulatory Change
For AFBD now FSA was responsible for recommending changes in its method of funding, including assessing the viability of a contract levy for financial and commodity futures and options.




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