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Institute of Business Consulting
The MD of Riggours Ltd, David Rigby, is Regional Chair (South West) of the IBC -
The Institute of Business Consulting (IBC) is the Professional Body for Management Consultants and Business Advisers. It therefore sets, maintains and indeed raises the standards of both professionalism and competence for the profession.

Western Consultants Group
Riggours Ltd is a founder member of WCG -
Western Consultants Group "IBC Consultants serving the West and South Wales" WCG is an independent body of knowledge formed from experienced practicing consultants, based in the South West.

Chartered Management Institute

David Rigby is a committee member of CMI Bath -
Greater competition and the ever-increasing pace of change mean that managers face more pressures than ever before. Over 71,000 individual managers have already elected to become members of the Chartered Management Institute, helping them make the most of the opportunities that arise from these challenges

Richmond Group
David Rigby is a member of the Richmond Group -
The independent and flexible management consultancy alternative.
The Richmond Group brings together 65 of the UK’s leading independent management consultancies. They share a common vision, positive values and the advantage of being amongst the leading practitioners in their specialist disciplines.

MiFID (Market in Financial Instruments Directive)
Riggours is partnering with MQSoftware to Provide Solutions for MiFID Best Execution Requirements -
Real-Time Transaction Assurance Allows Trade Transparency.
MQSoftware, solution specialists in the monitoring and management of real-time financial and trade data, announced the development of Q Nami!® for MiFID – designed to help banking and trading organisations handle the best execution obligations of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). Q Nami! for MiFID installs easily in a middleware environment and is designed to:
- Provide Real-Time Trade Transparency
- Satisfy Best Execution Requirements
- Allow Outsourcing and Measure Service Level Agreement (SLA) Compliance
- Ensure Data Integrity and Audit Documentation.

Tony Evans Associates
Tony Evans Associates (TEA) is a small but highly focused consultancy that covers all aspects of the supply chain.. TEA includes IT professionals as well as logistics, marketing and HR consultants. Our experience is based on a wide range of industries. We have a particular interest in supporting companies that are looking to use IT to facilitate business change and improvement. This experience has allowed us to develop an in-depth understanding of the issues and risks inherent in making the necessary organisational and process changes and the 'best practice' means of affecting them.

Ameritas is a services organisation aimed at providing high quality Consultancy, Training and Resourcing to fulfil our clients' business requirements with technology based solutions.
We have a reputation for delivering a high standard of client service and enablement of client success. We work very closely with our clients to gain a clear understanding of their business requirements and propose appropriate solutions best suited to their situation.
In particular, many of our services centre around application development and integration. In this field we have a proven track record of assisting clients with improving their skills and processes to maximise return on investment.
Ameritas is a European based consultancy working with clients across the United Kingdom, throughout mainland Europe, and in Australia and the USA.

Sanderson & Neal
Sanderson & Neale is a business and change management consultancy. We can help you deliver your strategic goals and implement change management and performance improvement programmes.

Marinuzzi and Associates (Italy)

Leader della formazione aziendale per realtà in continua crescita che vogliono svolgere un ruolo di leadership nell'economia globale. Maestri nelle tematiche più innovative ad alto valore aggiunto grazie ad un sofisticato e proprietario sistema di knowledge production and management che ci differenzia da tutti gli altri.

Prism Corp (Australia)

Prism Corporation was founded in early 1996 for the provision of business consultancy, technology development services to provide commercially accepted solutions, education and recruitment services for our clients.
Located in Sydney, Prism Corporation has a pool of associate staff performing business consultancy, software development, recruitment and education services throughout Australia, NZ and SE Asia.

Strategic Consultants

Strategic Consultants was formed in Hong Kong, December 1993 as a management and systems consultancy focused on the Asian financial services industry. After many successful assignments, several of which are outlined below, it has now developed into a broad consulting and development company with over 50 consultants and links to leading Financial Services Houses and Government Institutions throughout Asia and strategic alliances with several leading edge offshore technology vendors. Support services are also provided to our sister security solutions company IBS Ltd.





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