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David Rigby runs many assignments with associates such as

Theresa is an HR consultant specialising in change from an HR perspective.
Her key strengths are: Understanding the environment and politics of an organisation; Developing Strategy to improve business performance through people; Implementing successful change to a business function and Designing and implementing new ways of working and learning

Mark is an executive performance coach (EMCC accredited practitioner), strategy consultant and facilitator. He has an extensive background in coaching, leadership and team development and organisational change from over 13 years as a Health Authority CEO in the NHS and 10 years as an Army Officer. He was also Director/Head of Practice for Technology Adoption in the NHS Modernisation Agency - the NHS’s internal consultancy for change management and service improvement. Combining a coaching portfolio with strategic consultancy means that Mark is able to bring fresh insights into the coaching relationships and the pressures and challenges for managers in the public and private sectors.

Tony is an operational transformation and BPM specialist – a business change manager, consultant, author and facilitator who has delivered change programmes of all kinds at all levels of operation. His wide experience allows him to recognise and address problems and to ‘unblock’ business performance, simplifying day-to-day activities and focusing attention on critical issues. By introducing directed, measurable action he enables organisations to succeed in the short term, to gain full value from technology and build a sustainable future. He is a certified NLP practitioner.

Eric specialises in Personal Development and is a licensed NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and a trainer of NLP. He is also a qualified golf coach. Eric enables people to make positive changes in their lives that they were previously unable to achieve on their own, helping them to overcome their problems and realise their full potential. He uses his skills to work in businesses, with sportspeople, in schools and colleges as well as with one to one clients.



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