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All Riggours services are concerned with change

Coming from a background of systems development based on strategy and process and data architectures we have the skills to ensure that whatever we deliver is easily integrated into the whole.

It has become apparent, over 25 years, that no amount of doing things right (building process and systems according to apparent requirements) can give 100% success. For this you need to ensure you are ‘doing the right things’. And once the right things have been agreed and developed just telling people ‘to get on with it’ ensures failure. Changing process requires changing individuals. And so we come to the services offered by Riggours.

There are two steps to change:
· Deciding what to change to, STRATEGY AND DISCOVERY
· Implementing the change. IMPLEMENTATION

This applies equally to organisations and individuals.

Riggours offers

· Coaching
· Consulting
· Training
· Resourcing

Riggours can often provide these services from its own people :in house staff and local and international associates, from the rigours of Prince2 and MSP to the soft skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP and Life Coaching . We are members of professional groups such as Institute of Business Consulting, Richmond Group and Western Consultants Group and have trusted relationships with many other international organisations.



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