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Riggours offers training in:

- Consulting
- Change Management,
- Business Process Transformation,
- Project and Programme Management
- Prince2, Managing Structured Programmes
Professional Qualifications for Business Consultants and Advisers

For: All Business Professionals, Experienced Managers and those ready for a career change into Management Consultancy

* Industry recognised best practice professional standards;
* Independently awarded qualifications by Chartered Management Institute;
* Preferred qualifications required to work across government bodies;
* Industry focused continuous professional development;
* Develop and increase existing skills, tools and techniques;
* Provide maximum benefit for clients through access to network of experts; and,
* Enhance your employability and marketability with clients and employers

Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials (CMCO) - 45 hours guided learning comprising of x 6 modules.
Course Costs £1,450 for IBC members or £1,750 for non IBC members. Distance Learning Programme costs £995 for IBC members and £1,495 for non IBC members
Optional CMCO qualification registration fee £250. All costs plus VAT
The CMCO provides an introduction to management consultancy. As an aspiring management consultant, it will help you learn about:

* the consultancy role;
* the consultancy cycle;
* the client relationship;
* communication for consultants;
* effective project delivery; and,
* structured, knowledge, research and analysis

16 – 18 November 2009
11 – 13 January 2010
8 – 10 March 2010

Bradford on Avon, Bath
14 – 16 December 2009
1 – 3 February 2010
12 – 14 April 2010

Or by arrangement, 1-to-1 tuition, fast tracked at your convenience.
Other Courses currently under offer:

IBusiness Opportunities in Network Marketing
Bath Monday April 20th 2009 (Free)

Managing Projects and Programmes - What's the difference?
Bath September 22 2009

Getting started with business transformation
Bath September 23 2009

Change Management and Process Improvement PractitionersTraining Bath September 24-25 2009


-Accredited Training in the Principles of Change Management

During 2007-8 our Accrediting Authority (The APM Group) worked with Esther Cameron and Mike Green (authors of the book “Making Sense of Change Management”) to develop a framework for accrediting a series of courses on change management especially linked to our existing MSP training.

This training is being offered by Riggours in conjunction with another provider. Please contact us for further details




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Riggours only uses trainers who have many years of practicing what they are preaching. Riggours training uses a workshop format where ideas are presented and discussed and practiced in breakout sessions. Many other provider's change courses are aimed at IT professionals whose main panacea for change is IT. Precious little time is spent understanding the underlying process and the improvements that can be made without IT, and the care needed to implement selected solutions. Most Riggours’ courses don’t need experience of IT.


12 to 14 JUNE 06
I am pleased to say how useful the training was. You demonstrated an in depth knowledge of your specialist topics and adapted the course material on a daily basis to match the skills and interests of the attendees. As a result, the value-added from attending the courses was significantly increased. You also demonstrated considerable people skills which added a useful dimension in both your style of delivery and in the wider context of personality types within a change management scenario. I would not hesitate to recommend your courses to other organizations with similar training needs. With kind regards Yours sincerely
Stephen J Lockwood - Director Interceptor Innovations Limited, Bedford UK

"Very useful introduction and practical overview. There are very definite real life applications for this course material"
Alun Davies-Baker - Boehringer-ingelheim

"After working as an analyst/programmer for many years in larger companies I went freelance working for small to medium sized companies. I quickly realised that writing code was only a small part of the job. A great deal of care and investment needs to go into understanding and defining the requirements from a non-technical business perspective. David's course was just what I needed to help me formalise and structure the overall process of introducing a new system to a business to minimise the risk and ensure the technical solution solves the business problem. "
Jonathan Charles - Fastdev

"David Rigby clearly knows his subject" Charles Vickers Richmond Group

Wiltshire County Council is situated in the south of England based in the county town of Trowbridge which is twenty miles south of Bath. The Council requested assistance to support Best Value Reviews.
Part of the training involved working on Case Studies brought by the participants. An immediate and direct consequence from the training was the clarification of some processes to improve customer service and re-assignment of others to different departments to reduce handoffs. In addition Riggours delivered high level training to senior management which is helping the Council to run BPT programmes and the mentoring of staff.
Riggours (UK) was able to train non technical staff in the skills of BPT by developing a supportive environment where the staff could admit to their own personal confusion and arrive at consensus with the process resolution. In such a team environment they were happy with their being continually assessed of their comprehension which ensured the team progress and agreement. Satisfied attendee quotes were:
“David quickly sussed out what we were each like and tailored the course well to this”
“Manages to keep you on your toes by asking specific questions he knows you will find difficult”
“I have found this course very useful and it has given all of us the chance to appreciate where improvements could be made He made sure everyone has been involved throughout the course”
“He certainly knows his subject “
"It helped us deal with the incumbent BPR consultants".

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